REALTOR® Party Director & Committee Liaisons

The REALTOR® Party Director, appointed by the NAR president, oversees and facilitates the activities of the REALTOR® Party initiatives — Vote, Act, and Invest. Committee liaisons are also appointed by the president. They serve as a conduit for communication between the Leadership Team and their assigned committees; help committees operate effectively; and help identify future committee leaders.

Margo E. Wheeler

Executive Committee
REALTOR Party Director

Larry Keating

Association Leadership
Committee Liaison

Krista Clark

Commercial & Business Specialties
Committee Liaison

Vicky C. Silvano

Global Real Estate
Committee Liaison

Christina Pappas

Large Firms & Industry Relations
Committee Liaison

Fritzi B. Barbour

Law & Policy
Committee Liaison

Pat “Ziggy” A. Zicarelli

Member Services
Committee Liaison

Merle L. Whitehead

MLS & Data Management
Committee Liaison

Kevin Brown

Public & Federal Issues
Committee Liaison

Mary V. Dykstra

REALTOR® Party Community Engagement
Committee Liaison

Eric Sain

REALTOR® Party Disbursement
Committee Liaison

Tray E. Bates

REALTOR® Party Fundraising
Committee Liaison

Julie M. Minto

REALTOR® Party Member Involvement
Committee Liaison