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Lisa G. Noon



Vice Chair
AEC-RCE Certification Advisory Board

Having served on the AEC-RCE Certification Advisory Board in previous years, I’ve found it to be one of the most rewarding services I can provide for a couple of reasons. First, and most important, my work with the committee enables me to help other dedicated REALTOR® association executives and staff move forward in their careers. Many of us are very committed to the work we, and our members, do in the communities we serve every day. The process of obtaining the RCE is a tremendous learning experience. Whether I’m teaching one of the online study components or reviewing test questions, I see over and over how the designation provides a great value to the REALTOR® organization. Second, I believe in the power of professional and personal interaction among the RCE community. We often share with each other the successes (and failures!) of programs we provide to members or the public, and these experiences help me do a better job for my members. Of the three professional designations I’ve earned, the RCE has been the most valuable to my REALTOR® association career. I’m looking forward to making it the preferred designation for others in the REALTOR® family.