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Krista Clark



Commercial & Business Specialties
Committee Liaison

I have been incredibly fortunate throughout my 10-year real estate career to have an amazing support system at my local, state and national associations. Having so many peers encourage my efforts, believe in my vision, and trust me with important responsibilities has given me the courage and confidence I’ve needed to carve my own path. As we all work together to shape the future of our industry, it is my goal to encourage and empower as many REALTORS® as possible to contribute to that vision—to embrace what makes them unique and understand the importance of sharing their thoughts and ideas. As volunteer leaders, we all have the opportunity to make change, and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I plan to use my experiences to ensure we are more than just thinkers, that we are doers, that we don’t settle for anything less than greatness and that we OWN IT!