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Jeramy Stephens



REALTORS® Land Institute

All real estate transactions start in one place, and that is the land beneath. The land aspect is so important in the real estate industry that it is the first sentence of the Preamble to the NAR Code of Ethics, “Under all is the land.” From agricultural land, timberland, and recreational-use land to commercial and residential development, I have experience with the highest and best uses of each type, as well as the problems associated with these transactions. I have worked with many government agencies on  the programs and benefits they can provide our landowners. As we move into the upcoming year, the new farm bill will be highly contested and will affect the American farm landowner. Other issues include environmental policies such as the Waters of the United States that could be detrimental to landowner rights. Tax reform will potentially hurt our industry and the landowner by reducing or removing 1031 like-kind exchanges and mortgage interest deductions from the tax code. I have been actively involved in working on these issues and many others within our industry and intend  to continue throughout the coming years.