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Debora Weidman-Phillips



Real Estate Business Institute

As a manager of five Long and Foster Offices with over 200 agents, I find serving the REALTOR® family to be very rewarding. The Real Estate Business Institute is a progressive, fluid, and nimble organization. It’s a privilege for me to serve our members and work in concert with such a committed, visionary, and professional team of volunteers. When I think of my role as a leader for REBI, I am reminded of something that Rock ‘n roll icon Elvis Presley once said:“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ‘em all over everything you do.”

I believe that values can drive performance through innovation. Naturally, the most successful companies derive value from their people.I have both seen and experienced the value of professional development. We must continue to raise the bar. Our values will help us meet our strategic goals and, perhaps more importantly, help us build stronger relationships with our customers and other influential leaders and enhance the reputation of both the real estate profession and REBI.

In my mind, there are three fundamental and inescapable imperatives for all leaders in today’s climate: learning, responsibility and stewardship. Success demands a lot, but it’s the partnership with members that makes REBI relevant and enduring. It’s the collaboration that makes our work rich. I look forward to working with our members and leadership to enact a proactive agenda that will serve the collective interests of our members and the whole REALTOR® family.  Our leadership team has a propensity for risk and a goal to do more than optimize member value. It’s what keeps me committed and invested in giving back through volunteer service, the opportunity to work with dedicated members in contributing to the legacy of their profession and the value they represent to society. We’re ready!