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Angela Shields



AEC-AE Institute Advisory Board

I am honored to chair the AE Institute Advisory Board and am particularly excited to serve alongside so many talented men and women who make up this committee. One of the great strengths of this year’s team is the diversity of experience and perspective each person brings. I have learned during my career that every member of the team plays an integral role in achieving a goal. At my association, it has been our practice to regularly check in with our members to ensure we are providing them the tools and resources they need to be successful. We do this through administering surveys, conducting focus groups, and inviting members into our planning sessions. This feedback ensures we are delivering the value they require and helps us stay in tune with their needs. We recognize that we must shape our services to meet their needs, rather than expecting them to conform to us. Within our staff, we frequently collaborate on projects across departments, which allows for a lot of creativity and engagement among the team and also creates a sense of unity for the organization. Staff are encouraged to support each other, no matter their position or department, as we know that sometimes the best ideas come from those looking from the outside in. This collaboration is essential to the success of an organization. My experience in leadership positions throughout my career has taught me the value of learning from others and embracing new ideas, rather than shying away from change. It is my goal, as chair, to make every effort to listen to the ideas of each member of the committee and ensure every voice is heard and each person is able to contribute their perspective. I am excited to work with them and look forward to the 2018 Association Executives Institute in Charlotte, N.C.